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December 3, 2011


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So... there's something going on about these two fandoms hating on each other (I think I typed it up the way it was supposed to *practically quoting blogs*)

In retaliation, the fans of both fandoms paired the creators of them up.  Yeah...  I found a crossover fic where the pairing was Hussie/Himaruya

Copied from tumblr:
Quite a few old friends have lost interest in talking to me now because I'm not all over their precious, wonderful Homestuck, so hey, if that's what my friendship meant to them, better that I found out sooner than later. :| It's just kind of sad to me, seeing people who used to be nice, friendly Hetalia fans turn into Homestuck-obsessed elitists who think that anything non-Homestuck-related isn't even worth a second glance. And then they rag on Hetalia fans who act that way! (Get it yet...?)

Honestly... because I have an effing journal, I will attempt to supply my thoughts.  

Thoughts: I, honestly, have gotten quite far in both fandoms.  I can see why people wouldn't get into Homestuck (had it not been for people telling me about the things uh... well, you'll have to read to figure it out, then I wouldn't have gotten past the first 10 "pages".)  I can actually see some Homestuck fans claiming their superiority about understanding most of the complex shit (Although I have seen way too many people in Homestuck think they're some sort of elitest fuck because of how ~complicated~ it is.--another quote), as I really don't care about--gah!  Spoilers!  Also going with that, I can see Hetalia fans claiming their superiority about their knowledge on history (which brings me to a fic that I found in fanficrant about a fandom I didn't know, yet I reviewed because they screwed up on THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR!  THE GUY WHO LED THE 54TH REGIMENT WILL NOT HAVE ITALIANS IN HIS EFFING ARMY!  Anyways... moving on.)  Despite that, I really haven't seen much flaming on Homestuck in the Hetalia fandom, so... maybe I'm unconsciously avoiding that (like the shipping wars.)  Homestuck--haven't been in the fandom long enough to actually know what they're saying about Hetalia.  If what I've read from other people are true (about Homestuck), then that fandom does actually somewhat deserve the things that Hetalia fans do (people say that the Homestuck fandom is being a troll, for lack of better word... along with I'm too lazy to find the post that covered that.)  Even if so, that does not mean that they should get...

Ah, before I ramble on, I needed to add that this, in no way, shows my preferences.  (I'm going based on blogs because it's terrifying to even think about going into the fandom war.  Though, if you do go, get me good pictures.)

So... I think I'll leave off here, unless you want my full opinion that will go way off course by the end of the whole rant/ramble.
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PlasmaCode13 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It makes me sad when randoms fight like this, but I have never seen a recent flaming of Hetalia vs. Homestuck. I am personally a devoted Hetalian, but I respect other fandoms. It depends on the people I suppose; and the Internet brings out the worst in some and the best in others, soooo... 
DannasPuppetGirl Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
I understand saying you're better than someone for understanding something and all that, but what if they havent even gotten a chance? i mean, being evil to a fandom just discourages them from reading your comic, and maybe if they read it, they'd understand. i mean, for a while, i didn't read either, because i have friends who are hetalia fans and friends that are homestuck fans. and then i read them at roughly the same time, and both are awesome. i mean,now i see fandom shipping, but it was really bad when i started reading them. and i mean jeez, a lot of the characters are similar (hetastucks may now think of gamzee and russia) and both have awesome art styles. and homestuck, just for the record,was made in microsoft. Hetalia's awesomeness is that it's an anime, and that it's educational. and now i am done here (pardon the rant)
fsklrk Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They're like France and England. England's Homestuck, and France is Hetalia. Always fighting when they should be getting along, and everyone else rolls their eyes.
Sorry for the shameless Hetalia referencing, but it is quite an accurate analogy, when you think about it...
cutierosepieheart Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
Both fandoms are like best friends now on Tumblr?
tica-tiff Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
yeah that's what I've been thinking all along... when I looked it up it said both fandoms hated each other but on tumblr it seems they both support each other and hetastuck is pretty common... maybe it's just tumblr but idk, I haven't seen hate anywhere else, I've just heard that it started on facebook
Ask-Hevvin Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is all sso very true im in both fandoms and it suprises me how much they dislike each other though i feel like there is still alot of back stabbing coming from hetalia too not just homesstuck, a good friend of mine was in a hetalia panel and i was dressed as lil cal and i left my prussia cosplay at home so when i walked in the whole panel all the hetalians stared at me and wouldnt stop i was scared they were gonna attack me
XxnagatofanxX Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
If I ever were to see you at a cosplay con(If I had a fully working cosplay, of, well, obviously Hetalia), I'd stare at you. But only to decide whether to glomp you or not.

I'm not a fan of Homestuck; I've only seen a little tiny bit of it..
But I somewhat understand it. And I adore all the fans of Homestuck, even if they make fun of Hetalia, or it's fandom.

Because it's not worth another fandom war, and.. Well.. >3> ... Homestuck people are, in my opinion, as awesome as Prussia.
Ask-Hevvin Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
u u u thats very kind of u too say
DarlingDetermination Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Hetalia and Homestuck. Both awesome and crazy. Also touching and just perfect. Original ideas and such.
ezlimits Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
''Quite a few old friends have lost interest in talking to me now because I'm not all over their precious, wonderful Homestuck''
Exactly how I feel right now ._.
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